Daily Archives: March 18, 2021

My first shock came one year ago today

It’s not that I am slow, and I am aware that the news media celebrated the anniversary of the beginning of the Covid-19 in the United States one week ago today. I keep up with the news. I am sort of a news junkie. I think it is related to my years of travel. It was important that I know what was going on in the various places I wanted to visit.

March 18, 2020 I had an appointment with my ophthalmologist. The waiting time was always long there but I may have been in and out in two hours. When I visit that clinic I frequently stop by a Publix grocery on the corner of Hillsborough and Habana to pick up a few needed items. My regular store is nearer to my home, but I had to get back before our helper was scheduled to leave.

The cell signal was not very good in the eye clinic so I must have missed some significant morning news. First, I was surprised at the large crowd at the grocery. But my real shock came when I went to the bread aisle to pickup up a loaf of bread. You see only one loaf of something that I would not have been interested in unless I was very hungry. It was about 11 a.m. when i walked in the store.

Next, I went by the meat counters. The butchers were bringing out a small tray with perhaps six to twelve items on them from time to time. Shoppers were already waiting to take whatever was available.

Photo made March 18, 2020

Need I go on? The shelves for paper towels, toilet paper, and cleaning products were already cleaned out. This past year has been quite a ride to someone shut in as a caregiver. I have someone who comes to help a few hours a week. This allowed me to keep those necessary appointments, shop for groceries, etc.

My patience with the young ones who complain about beach and bar closings is very limited.

Delighted to say that my wife and I are now weeks past our final vaccine injection. We feel good about that, but we still wear our masks for the benefit of other who may not yet be that fortunate.