Halley’s Bible Handbook on sale today

Halley’s Bible Handbook with the New International Version is available for a limited time in Kindle format for $3.99. This is the completely revised and expanded 25th edition of this famous book. I notice that the sections on archaeology and geography have been revised by Carl G. Rasmussen.

This is one of the first books I owned. It can be helpful to everyone, especially those who do not have access to a larger library. It is the sort of book you can take with you to Bible classes to be able to have a little information about a lot of topics.

3 responses to “Halley’s Bible Handbook on sale today

  1. Thanks for the tip Ferrell! I purchased the Kindle version today! 😉

  2. Ferrell,

    Thanks for the tip. I got a copy for my iPad (Kindle).

    Greetings to Elizabeth.

    Best regards,


  3. Thank you, Ferrell! Just added it to my library.

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