Still not using Logos Bible Software?

From time to time I am requested to spend some time with a younger preacher (intern/trainee). I always ask if he is using Logos Bible Software. But, I find many older preachers who seem to know nothing of the program. A little over a year ago I commented on buying Bible software here. I said,

Every young preacher should stop buying junk, ready-mixed pabulum, and get some real tools. Another advantage is that you will have no books to loan!

The thing that stirred me up today is the eNewsletter I received from Rejoice Christian Software. They are offering the Essential IVP Reference Collection 3.0 for $89.95 through October 23. They say this is a saving of 88% off the print list price.

The collection includes over 12,000 pages including…

  • Dictionary of Jesus and the Gospels
  • Dictionary of Paul and His Letters
  • Dictionary of the later NT and its Developments
  • Dictionary of New Testament Background
  • IVP Bible Background Commentary: Old Testament
  • IVP Bible Background Commentary: New Testament
  • New Bible Dictionary (2nd ed.)
  • New Bible Commentary: 21st Century Ed.
  • Dictionary of Biblical Imagery
  • New Bible Atlas
  • New Dictionary of Biblical Theology
  • New Dictionary of Theology
  • And several other works.

Did I mention that you can buy the Thomas Nelson Bible Study Library for $29.95? I am not saying that any of these books are the best, but I am sure they will be useful.

If you look up the Essential IVP Reference Collection at Rejoice Christian Software it shows a retail price of $190, with their price being $115. The special this week is $89.95, but you must order here. You will probably pay $3 or $4 for shipping. Give up some frivolity for the next few weeks and get this set of books.

Did I mention that you can search the entire collection at one time?

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