Logos has ANET on pre-pub

Logos is the premier source for good books available for use on the computer. Now they have Ancient Near Eastern Texts, edited by James Pritchard, on pre-pub. When Logos puts a book on the pre-pub list it means that they offer it for a lower price to those who will agree to buy it when it is ready for distribution. Over the years I have secured several good works this way.

Take a look at the pre-publication special information. The price will be $59.95. I have signed up, and I hope that you will do the same. Amazon offers the print version for $115.00.

Pritchard, Ancient Near Eastern Texts.

Everyone who studies the Bible and the historical association with countries like Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, and Persia, needs this work. The print edition costs about twice as much as the Logos digital version. The ability to search the Logos version will be a distinct advantage.

This edition of 735 pages was first published in 1969. Cyril J. Barber, The Minister’s Library, describes the original publication in these words:

Popularly referred to as ANET. An indispensable aid in understanding the background and culture of the peoples in the Ancient Near East.

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