The Tel Dor Excavation Project

About two months ago we wrote about Tel Dor here. The day before that we noted the discovery of the miniature carving of Alexander the Great here.

Alexander carving from Tel DorAlexander Carving from Tel Dor

Paula Waiman, a PhD student at the University of Haifa, left a comment on the post about the Alexander carving. Her advisor is Dr. Ayelet Gilboa, co-director of the Tel Dor Excavation. I suggested to her that we move up her comment so it would be easier for readers to see.

The exquisite gemstone of Alexander the great that captured your attention, as seen in you website, is only the tip of the iceberg, so to speak, of one of the largest, long lasting and high profile archaeological projects in Israel. If you care about the archaeology of biblical times (Israelites, Phoenicians and Sea People), the Classical periods, and the cultural heritage of Israel and the Mediterranean; and if you are interested in forging a bond between Israel and the international community – please take a moment to look at the attached file [see Tel Dor website for full info]. Like almost cultural projects around the globe, we need your help to endure.

We would be grateful if you could pass this message to any other interested parties.

Tel Dor website:
Tel Dor has also a facebook wall. You are welcome to visit us.

Prof. Sarah Stroup, University of Washington, has posted some nice photos of the excavation here.

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